Current projects

Barnard 68
   High fidelity maps of the dense Interstellar Medium

   Molecular cloud formation
   Cloud structure and the origin of the stellar masses
   Star formation laws
   The local clouds in Galactic and extra-galactic context
   Orion revisited

   Vienna Survey in Orion (VISION)
   VISIONS - ESO VISTA Public Survey
   Young stellar objects
   Planet formation in clusters
   IRAM-Effelsberg ISF survey
   Orion as a global star formation event
W49A Alves & Homeier 2003
   Formation of stellar clusters

   ESO-NTT massive cluster survey
   VLT-NACO 100-cluster survey (FORCE)

   ESO Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

   MICADO instrument simulator (A* consortium)
   MICADO Science cases
   METIS Science cases
Gaia    ESA Gaia satellite 

   Gaia data visualization
   The local ISM 
   Star formation with Gaia
Nordkuppel    Single-photon detectors in Astronomy

   Optimization of single-photon detectors for Astronomy
   Fast photometry (~1 ns)
   Laser sources of unknown origin